Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

Why is it that, at the end of the day, the girl always says "I wish I could find a guy like you" and then goes home to have sex with a guy who is truly an asshole in every sense of the word?

Meanwhile I'm left to ponder over the logistics of the prior statement.

"I wish I could find a guy like you."

Hmm.....if I'm not like me, then who the hell is?

Oh well, at least I had not a single solitary inkling of attraction to this particular specimen, nor was I particularly interested in dating them.

That said, though, could somebody explain this one to me?

The more I look about it, it seems girls really don't want nice guys, and the more I talk to girls the more most of them admit that.

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