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Somehow I missed the bit on Zombies attacking us.

I do, however, have a battle plan.

I would not get on the roof of the school. Once there, the Zombies can easily surround the school in a massive horde of brain craving puss mongers. This disturbs me. You could only last so long on the roof, and what then?

No, I would make my way quickly and purposefully to Elliot Bay. The trick is no dilly-dallying. If you know what your objectives are, you are less likely to be caught unawares. I would utilize a station wagon in this endeavor, and I would stop off at a grocery store. I would not pay for the food. I don't have time to be moral right now. I would of course make sure any and every person I cared about was with me. We would likely use more than one vehicle. Once the grocery store run was done we would again be moving. And we would pick a nice large boat. We would steal this boat. We would take it out onto the Pacific Ocean. My thoughts being that if the Zombies can amass a horde large enough to fill up the ocean in order to get to us, we're pretty well fucked any ways. And they will have a difficult time surrounding all the beaches of the world, giving me numerous places to escape to.

I would of course make sure that we had many high powered weaponry. Dynamite and the such, that is effective underwater.

Zombie Squid can be a bitch after all...
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