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I hate this world.

Last night, at around eight o'clock in the evening, a man accompanying a little boy came into the establishment that I work at, and handed me a piece of paper.

The boy couldn't have been older than 9. The man, perhaps 30.

The little boy was crying.

On the paper was two pictures of a woman named Elaina Marie Boussiacos. A description of her car, and the last time she was seen. The boy was her son.

I was given two copies of the paper, and asked to put one up in Drive-Thru and one on the front counter in the hopes that somebody might have seen her. She had been missing since Feb. 2nd. Yesterday was Feb. 9th.

I took the papers, and said that I would. One of the managers that I was working with reminded me that it was company policy to not put up anything of the such. Due the laws of the state, if we let anything be put up, anybody can advertise ANYTHING they want. The little boy was crying.

Fuck policy.

I put it up any ways.

This morning, I went in to work, sat down and had a bite to eat. Opened up the paper as I always do, and read through it.

Seattle times, page B3.

"Woman's body found in trunk"

Woodinville- Police say they may have found the body of a missing Woodinville woman in the trunk of her car, found abandoned last night in a health-club parking lot.

Someone at the Woodinville Athletic club, 17730 Woodinville-Snohomish Road, called police to report that a black Nissan, similar to the one belonging to Elaina Boussiacos, was parked in the lot.

An autopsy today was expected to confirm it is Boussiacos' body, King County Sheriff's spokesman Bob Conner said. It was uncertain last night how the woman died.

Boussiacos, 27, was last seen Feb. 2 after leaving her Woodinville home for the airport, but she never arrived. When she didn't show up for work Monday and didn't pick up her 9-year-old son from school, her family called police.

End article.

Nobody today could figure out why I was crying at work.

I fucking hate this planet.
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