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I have never felt the need to believe in a god, or gods. I've never felt the need to not believe in them either. When people ask me if I believe in god, it always takes me by surprise. I've never been concerned with it. That may sound odd. Let me explain. I have two questions for you? (Some explanation, eh? Well, I always prefer to ask questions, and let others think for themselves. Reality, after all, is nothing but your perception of things. Take away your sense to touch, taste, feel, see, hear, and what do you have? Infinite nothingness. Reality is your perception, and your perception is subjective. What this means is, the only answers to any questions are your own answers.)

What if there is a god? I'd really like to know what your thought is on this. If there is a god, what changes? And how does it change?

What if there is no god? What changes? How does it change?

"If we were created in His image, does that not make Him imperfect?" If we were made in his image then we are only similar are we not? If he made a bunch of God clones then we'd all be the same, and would also all be as perfect as he, I would think. But we were made in his likeness, not exact images. It would be like saying that Bob and I are the same, that you and I are the same, and that you and Bob are the same. At least, that's what I think of it. I couldn't see the point of making a race compromised of the same exact morals, ideals, ECT. There always has to be some form of opposite in a partner you seek, simply because sameness makes stagnance. Stagnance is boring. Even an entire planet of me would lose its novelty after time. Though I do so fondly dream of such. Hehehe.

I think that would be the reason he would create a race like ourselves. Animals carry on the same set of functioning tasks day in and day out. I know that I would certainly bore with that. Humans, however, are unorthodox. We have emotions. We do not follow set guidelines all the time. Sometimes we follow our hearts. That would be what makes us entertaining, I should think. Were we like animals, I'd not be craving that certain someone still. I'd be going for the nearest female that I believed I could conceive a child with and then I'd impregnate her. Simple raw instinct, and no emotion. No fun, in short.

"Why would he allow the pain and confusion and frustration that He does?" Well, if I were god, I would have to ask myself "What would you get from life if I made everything peachy?" I take this question from the angle that god does exist, because were he to not exist the question of course would be irrelevant. So, if I make life perfect and all nice, what do you get? Humans, unlike every other creature, are blessed with emotion. We can feel. Emotions flavor this world. What have you got without emotion? Blandness. So, if you feel the same contentment day in and day out, it will get boring after awhile. The constant shifting of the emotional spectrum is what makes this life what it is. Have you ever hurt for so long emotionally that you become numb to the pain? I have. Any emotion can be overdosed on. If I was happy every second of my existence, eventually my existence would be nothing. And I couldn't actually BE happy every second. Eventually happiness would be typical. It's like when I go swimming. I fucking LOVE the feel of water. I can't describe it. All the languages of the world lack the descriptive capabilities necessary. But, if I lived my entire life in water, it would lose that. It would be like we are now, living in air. Air, for sure, has texture. If you move fast enough, there is friction. Right now it feels like nothing only because you are used to it. I'm not the god that I'm assuming exists for the sake of this question, so I know not what his reasoning would be.

And why couldn't it be that his vision is imperfect, but so many believe him to be righteous and perfect? How many took arms for the restoration of the Holy lands in the Crusades? They believed in an imperfect vision did they not? The purgation of the impure during the Inquisition? The Third Reich? All visions, all strongly held and adhered to. All imperfect. And I don't think that if he were to exist that his perfection would have bred imperfection. Were there to be an all powerful, I'm sure that he could have easily made us all perfect. But what would he do that for?

I don't think a God would have made us to obtain perfection. Were we to do that, God would be out of a job.

Religion, in my opinion, is evil. It causes stagnant thought and stagnant acceptance of all that is. And that, in my opinion, is silly. Silly, silly, silly.

However, believing. You ask why people feel the need to believe in something, and why it always comes back to a higher power. Well, would you like to hear that your best friend died because there was 37 inches of rain in Paraguay yesterday instead of 36, or that it was simply meant to be, and all will be right in the end because it is god's plan? It's all in perception. Frankly, most people feel more comforted in "knowing" that all this is happening for a reason beyond their comprehension, and they need not worry about it. That's the key there. There's a reason beyond you, you NEED NOT WORRY about it. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to, whenever worry starts piling up on you, stop and simply reaffirm yourself that it's all happening for a reason and according to some plan? That it will simply be, and so you don't have to worry. What a relieving sentiment, is it not?

Prayer and near-death experience, to tackle your next question. Is it because of people praying that the experience was only near-death instead of death? Hmmm. I can't help but wonder how many people died regardless of their prayers? I don't honestly know though. I've never seen the statistics. "Well, Bob, here you are at the gates of heaven. Had you only prayed to god, instead of uttering 'oh shit', you'd still be alive." Hehehe. I could answer this question for you, but the answer would only hold true to me alone.

"Does he in fact exist? How can we prove that he does not?" When you get right down to it, all you have is your belief. You believe he does, you believe he doesn't. It's odd, that I find that most people who will venomously tell you that there is no god, curse him silently when things go wrong. This, to me, implicates a closet case belief that he does exist, but you think he's a cock, so you're going to say he doesn't and try to deny his existence. Since the age of 11 or so, I've not once blamed god for anything. Well, except my shoes. But I digress. I will be the first to rip the idea of god up and down for the stupid things it has made people do, but I blame no god for it. You can't prove that he does exist. You can't prove that he doesn't. All you can go by is what you believe. What you feel. And, quite frankly, I don't know what you feel, so I can't tell you if he exists or not. That's something best left up to you.

"Why believe? Why not believe?" Because of the strength that believing can impart upon you? Because of the restrictions that believing can impart upon you? Because if you don't believe, and you go to church you feel like an ass? Because if you do believe, and you don't go to church you feel like an ass? I would say you do or don't believe to be true to what you feel. I see no point in lying to yourself, but that's just me. Why believe, why not believe? You tell me what YOU think.

Does believing in god make you narrow-minded? Does believing the sky is blue make you narrow-minded? Refusing to look into other ideas makes you narrow-minded, believing in something doesn't. If you say "yep, yep, god wants this and that's how it is" but refuse to walk the other paths of perspectives, then I should say that you are narrow-minded. If you were to look me in the eye and say "I believe in god", I would not think you narrow-minded. In all honesty, believing in god has never fazed me. "You believe in god? Nifty. Let's go to the park." What does your belief have to do with me? Believing or not believing in god, I've never had a problem with. Religion, as some well know, is a COMPLETELY different subject. The idea of religion becomes corrupted as soon as you bring people into the equation; therefore religion is a BAD idea in my opinion. If people would quietly believe or not believe as they saw fit, there wouldn't be trouble in the world. It's when others try to push their views upon each other that trouble brews. Religions, of course, WANT expansion. Expansion, of course, usually entails the pushing of your views upon other people. This is another reason I hate religion. A belief in god though, does not concern me. Believe, or don't believe. Does it affect anything as long as you don't try to push your beliefs on me? No. If I were to walk up to you and say, "By the way, I believe in god", how would that affect you? What would change? If I were to come at you preaching about my beliefs, however, that would be an entirely different story. Did I mention I think Religion is bad? I do.

Faith, I believe, IS a shield. It provides both protection and support. I can't personally claim any faith, but I see no real evil in it. Self-deception, perhaps. But, on the other hand, is that a bad thing? Yes. No. Really, that depends on you. Some are too prideful for it, others not. Some view it as weak to hide behind faith; some view it as a rational way of dealing with things. It's all simply the opinion of the onlooker, and nothing more.

Faith keeps you from being responsible? I must say that in this, I disagree. The only thing that makes anybody irresponsible is themselves. Faith, to some, simply supports you through hardship and gives you hope. Faith to others, is an excuse. Something I have found with humans is that they will or will not be responsible based solely on themselves. They will use things as an excuse, be it faith, their father beat them, or they didn't get ripe grapes.

"It cannot be so simple as 'God intended it that way'. Bullshit. We have the capacity to make choices. That is why we are human. We can laugh, or we can cry. We can choose to live or to lie down and die. But what is it that makes it possible for us to make that choice?" Hmmm.... Could it be again that you ask me a question that only you have an answer to? Could it be that we have the capacity to choose because we simply developed that way, or because god gave us this capacity? I would say we developed it. Another would say god gave us the right. Who is correct? Only you can tell yourself what you believe. The truth matters not. The truth, be it that there is a god or be it that there isn't a god, is inconsequential. What you BELIEVE will dictate your life and how you live it, nothing more. The truth will never dictate how you live.

If there is a god will it matter that you don't believe? Will you have screwed yourself because you were to pig-headed and indecisive to make that ultimate of choices? I can only tell you what I think. I don't believe in god, so I think that you will die and decay, nothing more. But what if there is a god? Going on that basis, whether or not it matters is entirely up to him, is it not? So, I can't tell you if it matters or not. I can only tell you that I don't believe it matters.

"Do I believe in life after death?" I'd like to. I really would.

There are no questions unanswerable. More importantly there are NO answers UNQUESTIONABLE. In the end, I can only give you my answers, which, inevitably, are NOT your answers.
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