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A strange age we live in...

A strange age we live in indeed, whatever you wish to call it.

I've heard it called the Age of the Internet, the Communication Age, and so on.

What does this age tell us about human nature is what I'm interested in though...

Human nature is an odd thing, it is.

I've got a question. How many of you would willingly go meet somebody whom you had met only online?

I would.

From the very start of the Internet, there was a smear campaign designed to make everybody wary and afraid of the Internet. Why, I wonder?

We are told the numerous stories of how people are tricked into meeting somebody, and then they are raped, killed, or what have you..

I know people who would meet somebody that they had met on the Internet the very next day. I know those who wouldn't meet them for a long while, and I know those who would never meet them.

It's funny, I think, that people are so afraid of the Internet.

How often in this world will you just coincidentally bump into somebody and end up sharing a nice conversation? Swap phone numbers, go out for coffee or a bite to eat. That sort of thing. You make friends that way. You make friends by meeting people in places that you both happen to like to go. You meet people by just happening to work with them. You meet people by enjoying and haunting the same sort of places on the Internet.

What is it that makes people so willing to go grab a bite to eat with a co-worker, and yet fear the person on the other end of a computer? Do people not realize that the probability of their co-worker raping, killing, or doing some other nasty thing to you is exactly the same? People are so comfortable with taking that sort of chance with somebody they've met face to face, rather than with somebody that they met online. I just don't get it.

I really, really don't.

Somebody explain?
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