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It never fails.

Time and again it happens.

I'll be discussing something with somebody and they will get very mad at me.

Pick any topic, it doesn't matter. We'll be discussing it. I will say what I think, and ask some questions as well. That sort of thing.

They will think on the answers I pose, and the other things that I have said. They will then take their viewpoint, and tell me what it is. They will take the questions that I ask and answer them with reasoning from their viewpoint of things.

I will take what they said, mull it over, and if I find it viable I will accept it and everything is peachy. If I don't personally find it viable for whatever reason, I will answer them. I will respond with simple reasoning as to why I disagree. I ask question A. They respond with answer B. I respond with C. C stating that B seems invalid because of X reason(s). I rarely ever even say that they're wrong. I typically still leave C in question form. Don't you think that fact X makes response B somewhat invalid?

This, inevitably, makes people pissed.

Really PISSED.


I'm talking "fuck off you cocksucker" pissed.

I love living in a world where "You're entitled to your opinion.......................but it BETTER fucking coincide with mine, or I'm going to get pissed."

Funny, I think, how people can be so pissed at me for disagreeing with them, yet I'm not supposed to be mad for them disagreeing with me.

When it comes to what people feel, I'm always the first person to say that people will feel whatever they feel regardless. I'm just curious as to why they feel that way, so I ask them. Then when I tell them why I don't feel the way they do, they want to rip my lungs out.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.
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