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My fun and eventful day.

Things I did today:

Got up.
Brushed Teeth.
Picked up new glasses at hospital.
Avoided lighting falling from 20' tall ceiling.
Ducked into doorway.
Pulled hysterical woman into doorway.
Waited for the ground to be slightly calmer than a choppy ocean.
Waited some more.
And a little more.
Still waiting.
Earthquake is over.
Listen to people banging on the inside of the elevator.
Run down stairs.
Run outside.
Go to vehicle.
Open vehicle
Grab backpack.
Run inside.
Run up stairs.
Open backpack.
Start shuffling through the mass of insanity in backpack.
Pull out metal trowel. Yes, metal trowel. You never know when you might need one.
Pry open elevator doors.
Help people out of elevator.
Escort still hysterical woman, who is now crouching in the doorway and rocking back and forth crying, outside.
Go back inside.
Help strikingly beautiful woman with minor concussion, inflicted from a falling light, outside.
Forget to take advantage of her dazed state by getting her phone number, and instead hand her over to a nurse.
Leave Group Health.

I'm rather thrilled, really, that I hadn't been 20 seconds faster, or I would have been stuck on the inside of the elevator, without my trusty metal trowel. All in all amidst the plummeting lighting, I had a great view of the forest behind the health center, and the tree's swaying back and forth. It was quite mesmerizing, in a surrealistic sense. The hysterical woman clawed at me, but didn't really manage to scratch me at all. She kept repeating over and over "I have to get outside". I kept telling her "not with the lights falling from the ceiling you won't be. I was on the third floor of the three story building, and it was quite the interesting experience. I don't know why they felt they had to have a vaulted ceiling, with suspended lights. That was a bad idea, in my opinion. Most everybody else handled the situation quite well, but I suppose I had the luck to be smack dab next to the woman with the greatest fear of Earthquakes in all of Washington. Lucky me, I suppose. Did I mention that this woman was insanely hysterical? Flailing about and screaming sort of hysterical. And, perhaps, had it not been for the falling lights I would have let her run out there.

I must admit that I felt no fear, but rather a growing glee as the first little shimmery gave way to massive movements, and I could watch the waves ripple towards me through the tree's. Mother nature, marry me.
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