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I was sitting here, and I began to drift into thought. Nothing new to me, mind you. The same old thing, perhaps. But nonetheless, that is what I did.

It suddenly hit me today, that I share something in common with almost everybody else on this planet.

Today I realized why so many people believe in god, and the afterlife. And of course all the goodies and glories that lie therein. It's not because they're so dissimilar from me, but because they are so much like me. Simply, perhaps, weaker. Or more optimistic. My problem is simply. This world will NEVER live up to my expectations as itself. Some people that I know will far exceed my expectations of people, but the world on the whole will never come close on it's own. Nature is as close as it comes to perfection, in my eyes. What sets me apart, is my ability to make the world that much more beautiful and wondrous, if only in my own mind. And then I realized that all these people want to believe in this better life waiting because they're disappointed with this one here. They're not so different from me. Just not as willing to accept that what we have, as bad as it may seem, is all we will get. And maybe not as willing to take what they have here, and turn it into something wondrous. If only in their eyes...
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