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I've been so insane lately, that I haven't had any time for deep thoughts. SORRY EVERYBODY!!!

But, to keep on my current string. Here's some more me chatting!!!

??? : sorry for the long absence. My upstairs neighbors stopped by to give me stuff. They're so kickass!
VivoSomnio [9:26 PM]: What'd ya get?
??? : pillows!
??? : They gave me a couch a bit ago
VivoSomnio [9:26 PM]: Pillows are good!!!
??? : pillows are awesome
VivoSomnio [9:30 PM]: I need some new pillows.
??? : Ah?
VivoSomnio [9:30 PM]: ?
??? : new pillows
??? : I just want to have a huge room filled with soft velour-covered cushions and futons and pillows
??? : And lotsa diaphanous drapery
VivoSomnio [9:32 PM]: I want a ball pit.
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