March 6th, 2001


I've been so insane lately, that I haven't had any time for deep thoughts. SORRY EVERYBODY!!!

But, to keep on my current string. Here's some more me chatting!!!

??? : sorry for the long absence. My upstairs neighbors stopped by to give me stuff. They're so kickass!
VivoSomnio [9:26 PM]: What'd ya get?
??? : pillows!
??? : They gave me a couch a bit ago
VivoSomnio [9:26 PM]: Pillows are good!!!
??? : pillows are awesome
VivoSomnio [9:30 PM]: I need some new pillows.
??? : Ah?
VivoSomnio [9:30 PM]: ?
??? : new pillows
??? : I just want to have a huge room filled with soft velour-covered cushions and futons and pillows
??? : And lotsa diaphanous drapery
VivoSomnio [9:32 PM]: I want a ball pit.
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    why not?

Some more.

??? : Oh, and one wall needs to be completely covered in mirrors of all shapes, sizes, and framings, and one wall needs to have lava lamps of all sorts of colors stacked up
??? : ...I'm being a freak now
VivoSomnio [9:42 PM]: I'm keen with the mirrors, but I'd go without the lava lamps.
??? : Ah, righto
??? : Maybe just one?
VivoSomnio [9:43 PM]: Instead, I'd make it plastic, and about 2 inches thick, and then another sheet of plastic stuff. And then, in the middle would be a conductor and it would be just like one of those balls with the shafters of electricity in it, except it would be my wall. =)
??? : Ooooooo!

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Side note.

In the United Kingdom it is ILLEGAL to distribute pornography, but it is perfectly LEGAL to be a porn star once you reach age 16.

Have fun kiddies.