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Vivo Somnio's Journal

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Thursday, May 3rd, 2001
12:34a - Relativity is a funny thing...
You know, it's just the truth.

What matters alot to you, means very little to most others.

It's funny how at times when you hurt the most the world will turn to look at you.

And say:

Die already, and get the fuck off your cross. We need the space to nail the next one up...

Yay world.

World= Alot
Scott= 0

current mood: aggravated

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12:48a - Oh yes....
My college update.

College is alright.

Much like High School.

The difference?

Well, first the people are older now....much.....like 24-27 on average in my classes. Which I like, actually.

Secondly is that fact that in High School I manditorially sat there and ignored teachers telling me things I already knew.

Now, I pay to ignore teachers telling me things I already know.

Never fear, I am keeping the faith that I WILL learn something...

current mood: annoyed

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<------------------------ Still does not condone apathy.

current mood: moved

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