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You are a ninny. Not only that, but you're arguing my point for me. Re-read the post, and take the time to ponder for a moment. This is what I was saying:

The vast majority of people are like me in that this world is not going to live up to their expectations. The vast majority of people are NOT like me in that they will never take the path to make the world fascinating and wondrous to them. Instead they put their faith into the afterlife because it's easier that way. Refer to my statement about them being weaker. As a whole, I think I gave people very little to no credit. They choose to believe in something beyond because it gives them the piece of mind they need to go through this life without breaking down and crying over how pathetically they have lived it. They are weak because they don't put in the effort needed to make this life into something worth living for themselves. And furthermore, they PISS ME OFF for expecting me to glibly go along with the society that they have created, which is based solely on their inability to have a breath of passion in their otherwise meaningless existence. Like I've said before. I hate people.
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