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VivoSomnio [11:36 PM]: I'll be glad when I get back in school
??? : Yeah, then you'll meet lots of cute girls.
VivoSomnio [11:37 PM]: Just MAYBE I'll meet somebody cool
VivoSomnio [11:37 PM]: I don't care about cute.
VivoSomnio [11:37 PM]: Bullocks to cute, says I. =)
??? : Ok, maybe you'll meet lots of girls.
VivoSomnio [11:38 PM]: I always meet lots of girls, and it never fails that they are all dull and boring
??? : You met me. Am I dull and boring?
??? : Yeah. I am.
VivoSomnio [11:39 PM]: No.
VivoSomnio [11:39 PM]: But you're not exactly here for me to cuddle with, now are you?
??? : I sorry.
VivoSomnio [11:41 PM]: It's not your fault.
VivoSomnio [11:41 PM]: But I sure do miss cuddling.
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