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These are not for you, don't bother reading them.

Scott is a silly boy, and he forgets everything, so he has to write himself a note of what he needs to write in his journal about, because he's a dunderhead.

The girl and the thing with the opinions and wether or not who says what where.

The girl and the thing with the marrying (not you Emily), and how she's obviously bonkers and crazies are obvious but insanes are not.

The thing about the girl and your head exploding.

The thing about the egg and your head imploding.

Mother Theresa on sale for $6.99

Feel of beauty. Water, wind, cry, breathe, dream.

Exploding of little rock islands by the summoning of pissed off meteors.

I think that's enough for now.






I told you not to read it you Monkeys
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