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Some interesting thoughts on Lazyness...

For those of you who do not know, Kathleen is a livejournal user. Here thingy is

Kathleen's question posed to me:

Would you consider yourself a lazy person? What IS 'lazy'?

I was trying to figure out if I am lazy, and if so, whether or not I care.

Oh well. Just looking for an intelligent opinion.

My response to her:

I think lazy is wishing for things, but not moving towards them. Like, for instance, wishing that you were a rock star, but never writing anything or playing any instruments. Not if it's just a passing wish, but if that was what you REALLY wanted, but never worked towards it. Or wanting to be friends with somebody, but never talking to them, or making any effort. That's lazy, I think.

I think I can at times be lazy. But I'm not all that lazy.

Kathleen's response to my answer:

Wishing for things, but not moving toward them. Good definition.

I think that's an intelligent opinion, whether you think so or not.

So what if there are things you NEED to do, like bathing, or putting on new
socks every day, or eating, and you have no desire to do so. What is that, if
it's not laziness? Just bizarreness?

My response to Kathleen's response:

I'll still reply here to give you 5 seconds worth of tripe, which may inspire 10 seconds of introspection. Introspection, in my book, is a good thing.

My own personal opinion on a lack of desire to do things like bathe or pur on socks is really fairly simple. In fact, you pointed it out yourself. Lack of desire to do something that you want to do is lazy, lack of desire to do something you don't want to do is being true to your heart. It's like my scruffy face. Lazy would be me wanting to be clean shaven, but just not doing it. The fact of the matter is that while I should shave, it irritates the hell out of my skin no end. You see, this is where I disagree with society.

Society defines lazy as not doing something when you should. In theory, that definition works even for me. Where things get hazy for me is the "...when you should" bit. Why should I shave my face? Society believes I should because it will better fit THEIR ideal of what I should look like. I believe that I shouldn't because it annoys me, so why should I subject myself to something that I don't enjoy? Because society thinks I should? I, personally, have better things to do then worry about what society thinks I should and should not do.
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