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First day of school was hectic, and not too terribley entertaining, though I have some hopes.

In other news:

Hum dee de da dum

*is wandering down the street, engorged in Tori Amos*

What's that? A flicker of movement? Lets investigate. *bebops his way around*

Standing there is a man, chuckling. *me pulls off headphones, looking around for what's funny*

*I am wearing my shorts. On the right pantleg of my shorts, on the back is a Black Swastika. Over this Swastika is an international NO sign, painted in a red the hue of blood crusting on a dirty sidewalk. The NO symbol dripping blood (paint). One word is above the sigil, and one below. Above it is the word, again in that crimson hue, HATE. Below the sigil the word BEGETS. HATE BEGETS.*

(Now back to the man)

"You idiot, you spelled bigots wrong!" *points and laughs some more*


If ignorance is bliss, that man breathes dreamsn and exhales heaven.

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