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Vivo Somnio

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I'm applying for a job.

Scary, I know.

My mother has been working with the state for 8 years, and the job that I'm applying for with the state (which I could do while asleep, along with many of the higher level jobs) pays nearly as much as hers.

In fact, the job I was orignially looking at that I could easily do is on the 58 payscale, and hers is only on the 54 payscale. Unfortunately for me, it requires a BA. Not for any reason other than the state is run by complete idiots. Nevermind the fact that I am MORE than qualified for the job...

I don't have a BA.

Which is the most important thing of course.

Of course.


Society blows. Society blows. Society blows.

So, on to something new.
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