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Just curious.......try not to kill me.

Don't you know we got smart bombs:?
It's a good thing that our bombs are clever.
Don't you know that the smart bombs are so clever, they only kill the bad people.

Don't you know that our kids are ignorant?
But we got smart bombs!
What a joyous thing!
Here we go so let's drink a toast, to those clever bombs, and the men who
built them.

Aren't you glad we got smart bombs?
It's a damn good thing our bombs are clever.
It's a shame that our kids are dumb, but our bombs are smart, what a lucky
thing now.
Come on out everybody shout, give a big salute to our ingenuity

Education, training, employment, and social services ($56.06 billion)
$13.49 billion ..... Elementary & Secondary education
$1.54 billion ...... Vocational and adult education
$0.81 billion ...... Indian & other education programs
$14.02 billion ..... Higher education
$2.29 billion ...... Research and general education aids
$7.42 billion ...... Training and employment
$0.99 billion ...... Other labor services
$0.32 billion ...... National service initiative
$3 billion ......... Social services block grant
$2.55 billion ...... Rehabilitation services
$3.6 billion ....... Payments to States for foster care and adoption assistance
$4.79 billion ...... Children and families services programs
$1.24 billion ...... Other social services

Military Spending ($271.6 billion)
$70.55 billion ..... Military personnel
$88.39 billion ..... Operation and maintenance
$54.66 billion ..... Procurement
$34.98 billion ..... Research, development, test and evaluation
$11.58 billion ..... Military Construction, Family Housing and Other
$3.35 billion ...... Nuclear weapons activities
$5.08 billion ...... Defense environmental restoration and waste management
$2.04 billion ...... Other defense energy activities
$0.97 billion ...... Defense-related activities

I was just curious what people think of this whole thing. I, in all honesty, really don't mind having a rather large army sitting around to keep my butt protected. I must say though, that two numbers do stick out for me personally.

$13.49 billion ..... Elementary & Secondary education. (That's your education from when you first start school, all the way through High School. Now you might want to REALLY stop and think about how many children are in school.)

$34.98 billion ..... Weapons research, development, test and evaluation.
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