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Let's Pretend...

I'm starting to get very tired of seeing my female friends time and again get suckered into dating complete asshole males. it never fails, and they yet persist in picking the same sort of person. I think it has something to do with the fact that they seem to be "cool" guys. Truthfully, it irks me no end. I once heard a song written from a female perspective that had the general gist of "can't you just pretend that you love me?". So, being tired and rather terrible with words as it is, I decided to write my response to that regardless, in terms of what I continue to see on the other side of the fence. I guess, I'm just tired of being relatively nice, but overlooked. Especially when I see all these men whose testicles I wish to remove continually hurting my friends.

Can't you just pretend that I'm an asshole?
That the love I profess is simply lies?
That I'm full of shit, when I say
That I see the stars in your eyes.

Can't we just pretend that I'm using you?
That I don't feel the way that I do.
That you really don't mean anything to me,
And that I just consider you some silly fling.

Just close your eyes and dream these things
That when I hold you close, it means nothing.
That the warmth you have, which I curl inside
Is not because I want to, but to boost my pride
That you're just a story to tell to the other guys
That I really don't care what it is you're feeling
That your thoughts and dreams have no meaning

Can't we just pretend, maybe for a little while
Can't we pretend that I only wish to defile
What is the reason that you dislike me?
What's so appalling about sincerity?
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