Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

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Why I suck.

VivoSomnio [6:35 PM]: I suck.
??? : why do u say that?
VivoSomnio [6:36 PM]: Because how else would I get milkshake out of the straw?
VivoSomnio [6:36 PM]: Gravity is MUCH too slow.
VivoSomnio [6:36 PM]: And I rarely take sucking machinery with me.
VivoSomnio [6:37 PM]: Nor do I want to utilize physics to create a perfect vacuum, sans mouth suction.
VivoSomnio [6:37 PM]: Too thought intensive.
VivoSomnio [6:37 PM]: Hence, I suck
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