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Some outfits MUST be worn out...

*IM's Eliza, in panicked state*

VivoSomnio [1:46 PM]: Why, in the name of the Sacred Emu, are you sitting at a computer in that fabtabulous outfit???
??? : I'm waiting for Annah-Sophia.

*Urgently IM's Annah*

VivoSomnio [1:47 PM]: Why, in the name of the Sacred Emu, are you making Eliza wait at a computer when she's wearing that fabtabulous outfit?
??? : huh?
??? : this is amanda
??? : annahs friend
VivoSomnio [1:48 PM]: Well that explains at least one thing.
VivoSomnio [1:48 PM]: She didn't by any chance fill up, and leave one of my babies lying around did she?...
VivoSomnio [1:50 PM]: *tap, tap, tap* Hewwo?
??? : huh?
??? : babies?
VivoSomnio [1:53 PM]: Yeah..... She's been devouring my children.
??? : ummm*looks around* oh, is this one?
??? : *holds up a baby*
VivoSomnio [1:53 PM]: No...I don't know who's child that is.
??? : oh...ummm*looks in drawers
??? : is this one?
VivoSomnio [1:54 PM]: *closely inspects it* Well.........could be little Zalia....except that birthmark isn't right.....*shakes his head* Nope, nope...
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