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Number One


Not a lot of folks talking.

Maybe nobody cares?


But I do, so deal.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, in the next three posts I'm going to hit on four things that I've noticed, psychologically speaking. The first post which is this one as a matter of fact, will be about the psychology of the female body, not in terms of what is and isn't appealing or the like, but in terms of how it is viewed. The second will be about lying. The third will be a short diddy about repression and sexuality. I won't get definite on the fourth post yet. We'll have to see, maybe you'll have some ideas?

The first subject will probably be the one that angers the most people. All the things I say are of course observations that I've made, and so are only my opinions of course. Keep in mind when I say men or women, I am making a generalized comment. I think this one may offend people though. Mostly men and women would be my guess. ((Note: As it seems that somebody will always point to the smart ass comments such as this and tell me that I'm an idiot because I can't even speak proper English, this would be your smart ass disclaimer. I understand that mathematically speaking, if I offend people, chances are that said people will consist of mostly men and women. Do not feel the need to explain this to me.))

From this point forth in this post I will not say "women generally" and "men generally". I will just say "men" and "women". Keep in mind that the generally is still there, it's just so small you can't read it.

(( It's a sure sign the world is too defensive when I have to put disclaimer's on my LiveJournal posts......*sigh* ))

I have noticed in my brief and catastrophically peculiar tenure on this planet, that when it comes to the female body, men and women look at it very differently. Not in the way I assume you're quite likely thinking I'm speaking of either.

Is it safe to say that there are/were many tribes in South America, for instance, that ran amok in the wilderness completely naked? Well, yes. Yes it is. If you don't think so, I'll do some research and supply you with a list. But it's true, so deal.

Is it safe to say that people wandering around nude all over the place in the United States ((As opposed to America. Because, you see, America is not the United States, and the United States is not America. The United States OF America. You see we are the United States and we are of America. North America to be more precise. And then there's also South America. An American could very well be from Paraguay, seeing as Paraguay is part of America, and hence any inhabitants of aforementioned country inhabit aforementioned America. If you live in the United States, you live in America. If you live in America, it does NOT necessitate that you live in the United States. Get it? Got it? Good.)). Well, let me start over again with that, seeing as I tangentized ((<---New Word alert)) as I often do. Is it safe to say that people wandering around nude all over the place in America (( ya)), in the United States rather, is not a common occurence? I would venture to say that it is a relatively uncommon occurence. Much like the Cleveland Indians winning the "World" Series, it has been known to happen, but is not something to place money on.

Alright guys, how many of you out there have oggled an incredibly gorgeous woman? ((Hint: Look down between your legs. If you've got dangly parts, this is where you raise your hand, unless you are under the age of 4, yet are somehow managing to read this. Every other male that is reading this, unless of course homosexual, has at one point or another oggled a female. This is not a general thing, this is a fact.))

Percentage of men who have patronized a Strip Club in the United States: 67% ((I thought for SURE it would be much higher....but, on the other hand, I never have. So maybe I'm in cahoots with 1/3 of the population.... Anything, after all, is possible.))

Precentage of men who allow their significant other to strip as an occupation: 11%


Anybody notice any small discrepancies there?

In these South American tribes, when naked people dance it's called a celebration. In the United States, it's called stripping.

That, however, is not the point.

I'm talking about the psychology here. Lets have a look at women's clothing, and how women dress. No, no. Let me rephrase. If I have to pointedly look away from ONE MORE fifteen year old girl because she felt the need to wear a shirt so tight that what mammary glands she DOES have ((which are considerable now, due to chemicals in the water. Speaking of which, fun fact. Average age of first menstral cycle in the 1800's was 17. Now, it's 11. That is what we call a HUGE drop.)) At any rate, if I have to ignore one more far too large pair of fifteen year old mammary glands, walk into something because my head is craned up at the ceiling to ignore it, I'm going to scream/puke/kill somebody.

Men typically view a females body as something to look at, lust over, and I would LIKE to think WORSHIP!!!

Women typically view their body as something to show off, use to get things, or use to attract mates.

I would venture to say that a man doesn't want a woman stripping if she is in a relationship with him, because he views her body as his temple, of a sorts. But he, like the Mormon's, won't let just anybody check this temple out. It's a special access thing. ((Not that I'm down on Mormon's you poor repressed bastards...but we'll hit more on that in post number three.))

I would venture to say that women are more inclined to think that their body is, amongst other things, a tool used to get things. I think that in the relationship sense, women wouldn't mind stripping as much as the man because to her it's just her body. I'm sure I'm going to be killed for this, but that's besides the point. I really think that subconsciously due to our environment here that we have been subconsciously trained. Women value their minds much more than their body because they have been shown that the body is simply something to show off. So to them it's not as big a deal to show off the body more. It's more of the same. It's their mind they consider more important. Women hold alot of value over their bodies mind you, because again due to society there's been a lot of subconscious pressuring. "Your body is something to show off, so make sure it looks good enough to show off" sort of shite. A woman will strive harder than a male to be physically attractive. A woman will also be more apt to like a guy for his mind rather than his physical appearance. This is why I see all these ugly guys with pretty girls. =P

In the animal Kingdom, once the bright feathers have been used to attract a mate, the bright feathers don't fall off. Why are guys so uptight? Hmm. I, not exactly being much of a relationship jockey, have some ideas but I can't tell you anything too terribly tangible yet. Or, rather, I could but I would first like to hear what you think. Maybe there is something glaring on the male side that I'm missing because I haven't been in a lot of relationships.

And for those of you that wish to tear me apart, feel free. I do so enjoy a good crucifixtion after all...
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