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What if I'm just talking to myself?

That'd be odd.

Ryan, this guy I vaguely recall, said something that I read somewhere....another journal I think. Said "What if, after every time you masturbate, you immediately had to go tell the person afterwards?" Or something like that. Maybe different words, but you get the idea...

Hmmm.... I could count the times I've thought about somebody on one hand, methinks. Is that typical? Well, I dunno.

Speaking of sexuality, I was walking down the street today, and I saw a Coffee shop, a Seattle's Best Coffee, I think, and it occurred to me "What if there were different shaped reproductive organs?"

You know how kids have those little toys where you put the square block in the square hole, the triangle in the triangle shaped hole, the cylinder in the round hole kinda thing? What if people were designed like that?

What a social conundrum...

At what point to you broach the subject? "Excuse me, but I've got a triangular *Censored for the faint of heart*, so what shape are you packing down below?"

Is that something you wait to find out? I can't imagine so. Getting "hot and heavy" only to find your square peg won't fit in their round hole probably wouldn't be all that neat. No, probably not.

Would it be done with introductions? "Hi, I'm Scott, vigintihedron, how're you?" And then she gets that look of "awww, thats too bad" as she replies "I'm Jill, octagon, but I'm feeling pretty good..."
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