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Crazy Kat-leen's!

So.....I feel like I've been caught masturbating or something, but I have no idea why.

No, that doesn't sound right. If caught doing that, I'd probably just smile and wave.

I feel like what I imagine it would feel like if I had been caught voting for George Bush Jr. And no, I didn't vote for him, but had I done so and been caught this is what I'm sure I'd feel like.

So I have been told time and agian that I'm the most flirtatious person that X person has ever met. I find that odd, because I don't know how to flirt, and have never done so. It's just odd. But, anyways, this girl yesterday at the Depeche Mode concert was flirting with me. This is fine, since she was also Justin's guest and hence drove there with us and back with us. She also wanted to spend the night at my house.

Despite what you think, this isn't as uncommon as Hale Bop. That comes every 5,000 or so years, and this happens about every 3,500 years or so.

But, irregardless, I did not have her stay. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not into sex in that scope of things, but I am ALL about cuddling with people!!! I am uber-cuddlewhore to an insanely large exponential the vigintillionth for instance.

Anyways, I did so because I felt like it would be cheating. Coincidentally, I'm not seeing anybody to be cheating on. Indeed, I felt like this would be cheating on somebody who is NOT my girlfriend.

Anybody else see something wrong with this?

But I did see the Dove, which is a beautiful cluster of stars.

This pleases Scott muchly.

And, furthermore, I can't help but think that the same Penguin has been on my floor for the past two days. And I don't know WHY this is so significant, but it's bounding about in my brain like you wouldn't believe. Some would say it's akin to my dancing technique.

And, so, for those of you who are unfamiliar with my dancing technique, picture an epilectic having a seizure on a pogo-stick with bits of whipped cream, while being electrocuted...

and then, of course, add in some jello and chocolate milk, and you're getting close.

In other news it took me 20 seconds to destroy a structure that took 3 months to build. I destroyed it with an axe, and nothing more. This tells me that whoever built the carport obviously was an idiot.

And in further news, 90% of my friends are females. That's not what bothers me. What bothers me is that 6% of my friends are males...

And now, for the weather: It's nice. There are stars, and it's not too cold. The moon is out, and it's a perfect time for a picnic.

I'm going to drown my sorrows in water, since I hate alcohol.

I figure after 3 gallons I'll pass out from bloating.......
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