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Once Upon a Life Unlived...

Somewhere along the road people forgot how to enjoy themselves. Or they lied to themselves. Or they did something. Bottom line is, people aren't having nearly as much fun as they should be.

The day before yesterday it was raining heavily, and I should have gone to Wild Waves. Wild Waves being a water based theme park. You know, waterslides and a big wave pool and all that. The weather would have been perfect for it, but nobody wished to go. At least not anybody whom could drive. People forget how to enjoy themselves. Adults are suddenly too stingy to play in the rain...

When do people start losing their appetite for picnics at 3am? When did it become more amusing to spend a bunch of money to get oneself drugged up and drunk than to play hide and go seek in the dark? When did we prefer watching a movie about adventure to running around in the back yard and being adventurous? Or running around the mountains and beind adventurous? And why is it that I'm the only person I know who at odd hours of the night runs through a field completely naked? I think your definition of a feeling of freedom would change if you'd try it.

I just need to know when, so that I can live in these moments as long as possible, before they're gone forever...
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