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Men: Ooooooh yes. Men, men, men, men, men.

Men are, in point of fact, FAR worse than women.


Because the vast majority of us allow women to perpetuate the perception that they do indeed need to be more concerned with their sexual appeal and less concerned with their personality. Why, you may ask? Because men are, on the intelligence scale, somewhere between a pickle and a gutted herring. In lay mans terms that translates to BECAUSE WE'RE TOO BUSY THINKING WITH OUR COCKS!!! Wow. Big surprise.

Men are not as concerned about how they look as a male, compared to how concerned a female is about how she appears as a female. However, men ARE as concerned with how a female looks as a female as the female herself is concerned. And that of course, due to the small thing dangling between their legs....WHICH, in point of fact brings me to the next subject...

That SMALL thing dangling between your legs. If the majority of men had it their way, we'd all come with a 12" penis. Because we are in fact dumb enough to believe that women enjoy having their pelvises split, and their lungs punctured. No, really, we do. My penis does not dangle between my toes if not tucked in properly. I am not concerned about my manliness because of this. Why should you be?

As I run madly screaming through online chat rooms, covering my eyes because I really don't want to see how stupid society is, yet at the same time peeking because I'm a glutton for punishment, I am amazed at how many men have nine inch dicks. News Flash! They/You DON'T!

FACT: Due to purifying techniques on potable water, there is a vastly increased amount of estrogen in the water you consume daily.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? It means that you have more female hormones in you than your Grand-Pappy did. You know what else this means? It means in all probability Gramps has a bigger wang than you. Deal with it.

Men are so concerned that another guy might have a bigger penis (Another news flash for you. Another guy out there DOES have a bigger penis. You'll live, I'm sure) that we are fiercely competitive over stupid things.

Note: Women are not immune to the competitive thing. Have you ever seen two thrifty women go to war over who can find the coolest stuff for the cheapest price? *shivers*

I don't want to go on for TOO long, so I'll end this one for now with my own personal favorite of why men are far crazier than women.........We pine over them.
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