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This is in response to a post by the aforementioned person, whom doesn't actually have a livejournal. Her comment will be first, followed by my response.

Heidi Says:

"If powerful men & women
could center themselves in it,
the whole world would be transformed
by itself, in its natural rhythms.
People would be content
with their simple, everyday lives,
in harmony, and free of desire." -Tao

Things are done for themselves.
Happiness is in everything, and those who see it are happy and those who do not are happy.

I say:

War was never waged for the sake of war. It's always been waged over the beliefs of people. Of what the people feel deep down is right. Of what makes the people whom are waging the war happy in their hearts. Of what they feel is right. Of what -THEY- feel is right...

People do things for themselves. Even when they are kind to another person, it is because it makes -THEM- feel good.

And happiness is not in everything. During the Spanish Inquisition hundreds of thousands of "Heretics" were burned at the stake. Could you look upon the form of a screaming person, their body licked by the flames of hate, their flesh slowly sliding off of their body in such a hideous way so as to remind you of wax, their muscles and tendons visible through the flickers of the flame, and see happiness there? The only happiness is when the poor bastard's nerves get torched, and he doesn't have to bear the extreme pain anymore. I see no beauty in hundreds of people screaming for a fellow human to burn. They do it because, deep down, they feel that if they show their support to the Inquisition that maybe it'll keep the Inquisitors away from them. And so, they do what's best for themselves, instead of what is right.

People's number one priority is themselves, and when things like the Holocaust, the Inquisition, ect. come around, it really shows...

And despite your claim that there is happiness in everything, unless your heart was full of hate for the person like so many people poison themselves into being, I think you would see little happiness in it. Could you bear hearing screams like that? I think those screams would haunt you...
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