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I'm not from around here, am I?

In other news, my quest to find "the right person" is still fruitless. To show my bitterness over this fact, I am going to tatto "harassment" on my penis. This way, whenever somebody says "that's harassment" I can reply "Yes, it put it in your mouth".

In all honesty, what I -REALLY- posted that for was to hear the responses of those whom it would offend... However, don't think for even a SECOND that I don't find that damn funny!!! I'm such a filthy person. =)

But back to the point, which as you all well know, is rather a silly notion to even bother posting, considering that only on relatively few occassions do I actually HAVE a point.

However..... I am quite certain that if I sit here long enough I'll think of one, or the original idea that inspired to me open livejournal, which was lost somewhere during the .2 second loading time, will come back to me. Or I could sit here and blather on about how bad my memory is. But, nay, I'll not sink so low. Or maybe it's that I won't climb that high? It's hard to tell anymore. First we have to decide which way is up. Then we have to decide which way we're looking. Then we have to guess if we're staring at a reflection or not. And then if all we can see is the beautiful clear blue sky we have to wonder if it's just that the water is so clear that, despite how low we are, we can see it anyways. And, more so than that, if the water really is simply that clear then why haven't I frozen to death? After all, the clear water, when you can see through it all the way down to really DEEP bottoms like that, is water that is so cold that the algae doesn't grow. And that, in turn, means no fish. Which in turn could make it rather lownly down there with no fish to talk to.

So on to bigger and equally idiotic and meaningless drivel. Is the reality of Wonder Woman simply that Super Man has a kinky crossdressing fetish?...

And what of this "right person"? How do we define a "right person"? I always find it more than a little amusing when somebody will look at a couple and say "they aren't right for each other cause blah blah blippity blab yadda di yadda yaddiddly doo". That's like turning to somebody and saying "you should like Grapefruit, because it's bitter". It occurs to me, that not everybody has the same tastes. I, for instance, don't much like bitter....well, there is one excetion, but I'm not heading in that direction because I'm going in this direction, and if I go in that direction I'm bound to get lost. That's a problem I tend to have. Once another thought pops into my head I start rambling on down that area, and have totally forgotten where I'm coming from or where I'm going. And that's the story of my life. People look at me really oddly because I just roll right through things without apparent rhyme or reason. Which is good. I can't rhyme for beans, and I've got no real reasons.

I do, however, have goals. I've started up a business with a friend of mine, named Justin. Technically it's sort of a partnership, except that we're incorporated. So I'm the President and Treasurer, and he is the Vice President and Secretary. Not the "file this, schedule that, and please grab me a cup of coffee" sort of Secretary, but like a Secretary of State or Secretery of Defense, ect sort of Secretary. You know, all important sounding and stuff. *nods*

It's a good thing I take pause and re-read what I've written, because I totally skipped a beat in my "right person" type thingy that I started in on. It's always nice for conversation though. Once I start to get rolling and more at ease with people, as rare as that is, then it goes on and on and on and on and on and on. =) Damn, I rock!

So, yes. Back, again, to the "right person" thing. So, you look at people who say "he's not right for her, they're not right for that, this is wrong with Mauve, ect, ect" and you have to wonder. Mauve, I can see saying "that doesn't go with Mauve". But people aren't an easily measured item. I guess it comes around full circle to my belief that you can't explain emotions with logic. It really doesn't matter WHY you think two people are or aren't made for each other. The only TRUE meausurement of that is the emotions between the two people. If they aren't right for each other, one or both parties won't be happy with the other. If they are, then they will both be happy with each other. It really doesn't matter if one likes Christian Country music and the other likes Satanic Death Metal. The only thing there is that the huge difference will most likely breed a less than happy envorinment. Most Christians despise Satanic music, and vice versa. Not to say that there's a whole lot of ACTUAL Satanic music, but that is NOT my point.

So what's right? Who is right? (No, this is not rhetorical. Answer. Or, if you don't feel comfortable, then don't. Not like I can make you, but I do want to say that you don't have to. I'd just like it if people would.)

And write these down before you go on... Seriously.

Ok....done answering?

Now here's the next question....

What made you state that which you did? Let me just use a basic example. Most common element looked for in another person is "A good sense of humor".

What the hell is that? What is a good sense of humor?

You see, you can sit here and blabber on and on about specific THINGS that you find funny, ect, but I defy you to define in specific how your emotion works.

*ding, ding, ding*

For those of you whom have read that which I have posted before, I really don't believe you can. I believe this for one reason.

We do NOT start using "logic" to define why we feel something until AFTER we feel it. We try to use reason and logic to inherently explain what/why we feel/do things. I don't see why people INSIST on believing that emotions have any care in the world for logic. If emotions were to work in the scope of logic than, for instance, if there was a person whom you held deep feelings for and they did not reciprocate them, you wouldn't get "hurt' because it's counterproductive and oft times unhealthy. Likewise, you would not continue to harbor feelings for the individual despite said unreciprocated feelings. How is it logical to like somebody whom continues to dislike you? Anybody?

Can ANYBODY tell me where logic correlates to emotion?

So in answer to somebody's question (which isn't on LJ I'm sorry to say), no I really can't tell you or anybody else what I'm looking for in somebody. I only know what I want to


with somebody.

And that's all I ever will know.
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