Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

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"We are the hollow men..."

Am I a hollow man?
What if I were to be loved?
What if you were to love me?
I will only be empty if you never fill me up.
Life is only empty if we never fill it up.
I can see a grave. My grave?
It's empty. Is it for me?
Should I get in? Will I rest in peace?
I think now is not my time to die,
It's my time to run free.
And when it becomes my time to die,
That grave can come to me.
And dare I to dream what our chances could be,
If I were to love you,
And you to love me.
We could live as though we never died.
We'll try to live like we never died.
We will live like we'll never die.
Perhaps wild, but always free.
And when I've run out of time,
You'll never forget me.
And my grave will always be full,
Because of your memory.

*This bad poetry(?) brought to you by the insanity that 3:51am brings upon us poor hapless souls who experience it*
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