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*beepity beep beep beepity beep*

And in other breaking news, it appears that the more tripe you write in your LJ about "today I did X, X, talked to X, and then did X", the more people you end up with on your friends list...


Perhaps I am attacking this whole thing wrong, with trying to get people to listen to some of the things I say... (ok, they're not worth listening to, but I'm delusional. -BACK OFF-! I like to think that some of the things I say would better the world if taken to heart. If you don't agree with me, you can kindly point your snide remarks to the nearest wall.)

So, right.

I gotta do this TV style!!!

Hook them with mindless dramatic blather!

Then when I'm done with that, I'll just have to hit them with the more intelligent (who do I think I'm kidding?) posts I have on ideals, society, ect...

Well, time to put my plan into action... *scampers off to find some photo's of "hot naked babes" because he knows that not ONLY will it hook ever homosapien creature with a penis to his Livejournal, but that the stupidity in saying "hot naked babe", with the double synonymous adjectives, will also be lost on them at the same time*
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