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I was dreaming today. I do that a lot. Dreaming that is. Not today. I only do today every day, but not as often as I dream. Not sexually either, mind you. I'm libido less. No sparkles, no libido. Go figure.

Right. Enough of that.

I was dreaming today, and my dream started to wander. I said to dream "Get back here dream, I want to go THIS way." But dream did not listen. Dream stuck out it's tongue. That's the part where things went surreal. Have you ever walked on a massive tongue? Have you ever done it at work, with 8 people wondering if that white substance you put on your cereal really WAS sugar.

So, I'm walking on this tongue right. Imagine walking on a gigantic Jello cube. One with little bits of Pineapple in it. Not because the Pineapple has anything to do with it, but I thought I'd throw some Pineapple into your imagination.

So, I'm walking and this bear shambles up to me. Apparently this bear is smart, because we started talking quantum theory. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, I know. Yes, that too. No, put that down. Thank you. Any ways. We were talking about the plausibility that Anti-Matter might play a role in Black Holes. But, yeah. We didn't talk long.

So, I turned around to discover that I was standing on a jungle covered tongue. This pleased Scott.

The pureness. The pounding. The energy. The moment. Nothing so raw, so primal, so FUCKING incredible as running through the jungle/woods/forest naked. Nothing.

My co-workers now seem VERY concerned, but they're not really there. Vague recollections of something less. Something not worth remembering.

I wish I could have stayed there, but alas, at that moment a jolt of pain decided to bring me crashing down into this "reality" of yours. Stupid wall. Who the hell put that there any ways?...
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