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Violence inherent in the system...

Daft Corvid [8:00 PM]: "She spoke to him about the approximately 200,000 women who die every
year from self-induced abortions--a major health issue: "Religious
leaders--and all of us, really--must address this very important issue."

"Dont you think," John Paul II interjected, "that all irresponsible
behavior of men is cause by women?"

-Pope John Paul II to Nafis Sadik, UN Representative, at the UN Council for Women
Daft Corvid [8:01 PM]: what a wierd, disturbed person
VivoSomnio [8:01 PM]: ...
VivoSomnio [8:01 PM]: *adds another soul to his hit list*
Daft Corvid [8:02 PM]:
"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth;
I came not to send peace, but a sword."
-Jesus, Matthew 10:34

"But those mine enemies, which would not that I should
reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me."

-Jesus, Luke 19:27
VivoSomnio [8:03 PM]: Well, that settles it.
Daft Corvid [8:03 PM]: off to kill ehathens, then?
VivoSomnio [8:04 PM]: Why do the Muslims have all the fundamentalists when the bible actually says "fuck em all up the ass with a sword and piss on their entrails" and the Koran is very partial to peace?
Daft Corvid [8:05 PM]: all religion is form of madness. Christianity is just inr emission at the moment.
VivoSomnio [8:06 PM]: I know, but they could at least follow their doctrine about better.
VivoSomnio [8:06 PM]: Though, admittedly, Christianity was pretty damn bad for a while.
Daft Corvid [8:07 PM]: even the korna goes on about killing people a fair bit. and it is as nsty to women as christianity.
VivoSomnio [8:08 PM]: Koran is very nasty towards women, but it's not nearly as "kick thy piss out of thy infidel neighbor" as the Bible is.
Daft Corvid [8:09 PM]: like the bible, it's a mess. It goes ona bout epace mroe than the bible, but it alsot alks about how it's your job to kill heathens in holy war too. i sup[pose your jsut supposed tob e kidner while doing it. the problem withr eligion is that msot fot hem were written by about a thousand different people, and any one can be sued to support pretty mucha nya rgument you can come up with
Daft Corvid [8:10 PM]: jeez... that's terrible typing
VivoSomnio [8:10 PM]: *nods*
VivoSomnio [8:10 PM]: Indeed it is terrible typing.
Daft Corvid [8:11 PM]: you know that there's a section in the bible where jesus talks about selling debtors intos alvery... in heaven? apaprently heaven has a slave trade.
VivoSomnio [8:11 PM]: I understand what you're saying, but the Koran wasn't really keen on starting Holy Wars, just kicking ass in the event. Christian text is all about "saving" the heathens by any/all means necessary.
VivoSomnio [8:13 PM]: At least from my admittedly small knowledge of the Koran. But, I will say that unlike most people whom just spout out the stuff never having read anything of the Koran, I've researched it a bit.
Daft Corvid [8:13 PM]: I know. i read 'em both. both translated, and likely badly, but still. they all have a strong basis in early meditatranian pagan religions... and early pagan relegions tended to consider the ebst way to prove one god better than the other to kill the other gods guys. so there's a fair bit of that in the koran, and even more in the bible.
Daft Corvid [8:14 PM]: But yea, id say the koran is a lot better than the bible, overall.aside fromt hat bit about women not ahving souls
VivoSomnio [8:14 PM]: Yeah, I was never keen on that whole piece of it.
Daft Corvid [8:15 PM]: religion can suck me, I say
VivoSomnio [8:17 PM]: I don't want anything that filthy sucking on me, or even being near me for that matter.
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