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When one gets to be curious, one wonders about a great many things. There are far too many questions in life, and the important questions in life. The questions whose answers mean the most, are the ones that can only be answered by vague intuition. And no mater what kind of logical or illogical reasoning is used to come upon the answer that you have gleaned I think that you will find that the question still truly remains unanswered. We liva a life assuming because our gut feeling tells us something, that's the way it is. I wonder how many people have been sure that they've "fallen in love" with somebody, only to find that they dislike the person upon getting to know them better. I wonder how many people have "found god" only to realize that for them, god doesn't mean a damn thing. I wonder how many people never find a god, but had they it would have given their life some meaning in their eyes. I guess, I just wonder...
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