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A person I know, named Ryan, and I had an interesting little conversation over LiveJournal this night. His username is nofeeblechrist. At any rate, I found it amusing.

The funniest part, I believe, is that he sounds tired of having to needlessly justify why he uses drugs, amongst other things he needlessly justifies. I found it funnier than perhaps most would because I find myself needlessly justifying why I DON'T do drugs constantly. Proof positive that no matter what you do, "somebody" hates you for it.

Memo to said "somebody": Blow me.

The other amusing thing was the way we reacted to each other's posts. Both of us so glibly smug in our intelligence.

The computer screwing up, and not loading half of his first response didn't help matters much AT ALL, considering it had the important part of what I was getting at.

Of course, I was also feeling Self Righteous enough to offhandedly insult him for his automatic assumption that I was attacking him. Probably about as Self Righteous as he felt when he was writing his reasoning behind why some ignorant fool was questioning his choices, when said ignorant fool knows nothing about them.

Ahhh. Miscommunication. Isn't it grand? Wars start this way.

I also find it incredibly amusing that both he and I are so smug and self righteous. But you would of course have to know both Ryan and I before you'd see the joke there. We simply don't seem as if we should have anything in common. In fact, we don't seem like we should be in the same room. At any rate, the bed is soft. The covers warm. All I need is my pillow. Hmmm. Have to talk to Meghann for a progress report...(don't ask, and no, it probably isn't what you think. No, it isn't that either.)
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