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Vivo Somnio

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Fuck, fuck, fuck, fu-fu-fu-fu-fuck...

I'm wracking up points in the "pathetic loser" column like mad, and it simply irritates me no end.

The whole situation irritates me.

The idea of it, even, irritates me.

I did not sleep the night of Dec. 23rd due to "it", I did not sleep the night of Dec. 25th due to "it", I did not sleep Dec. 27th due to "it". You want to guess what I didn't do last night? Yeah, sleep. I did not sleep last night. Again, due to "it".

Funny how you always get what you don't want, isn't it?

I should have seen this coming long, long ago.

And I did.

But I thought I could best it somehow.

The thing is, I should have known better.

I did know better.

I just conveniently ignored that fact.

Me, once again, pathetic and blinded by emotion.



I suffer from emotion sickness.

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