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I threw a brick through a window and all people heard was the glass shattering...

It occurs to me that in societies current paradigm glass is held in far too much esteem.

Some of the "claustrophobia" in the play 'Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead' probably was lost in the movie, this is true. That feel that they were inevitably swept into things without the possibility of counteraction. The movie did appear to let them be more dependent, yet such is the way of these things. Methinks, however, that one needs only step into the middle of any given city to see it in action.

"Couldn't we just stay put? I mean no one is going to come on and drag us off....They'll just have to wait. We're still've got years....

We've done nothing wrong! We didn't harm anyone? Did we?

I can't remember."

I find it odd, really, that we feel so obligated to immerse ourself in societal goals to help hold up the very structure that crushes so many of us. Improvements, of course, could be made. They could, were we not so afraid of change. We live in a society that is perpetuated upon itself. Capitalism. It feeds us, we feed it back. It's like a fountain. We live for perpetuating the "fat and dirty dollar". We seem to have forgotten that we can make improvements, were we to so choose.

We just don't think about making improvements.

It's amazing how many lanes we have added on the I-5 corridor here in Seattle over the last couple of years to try and compensate for the traffic.

I hate to point out the obvious, but if you had 300 lanes each way and only 7 one lane exits into the city for the several hundred thousand cars that need to get into the city, you have done approximately shit-diddly for traffic. Everybody can line up at the exits faster!!! Woopty-fucking-doo!!!

And, you know, it's the obvious stuff like that which truly irritates me.

Knowing that Bush is in office, I've come to realize, is much akin to having 'Jock Itch' for 4 years.

Everybody looks, instead of sees. They all hear, instead of listen. They are so supressed, they never question. We taught them from the beginning to have faith in the system even if everything else fails, so they would never stop obeying it.

Stop and ask yourself how many people think about improving all the massive quantities of flaws we have in society?

We have a decent foundation.

Why stop here?

How many think about improving things? Maybe 1/1000th that which think of only improving theirselves and their lifestyles?

Not enough.

We told them all not to.

"There must have been a moment, at the beginning, where we could have said---no. But somehow we missed it.

Well, we'll know better next time..."
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