Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio


So, yeah, here I am.

Back from the Bahama's.

Survivor of INSANE heat.

All around badass!


Yeah, to hell with you!



I think that Universal Studio's: Islands of Adventure is a superbly fantastic theme park. All sorts of wild rides, though the Dr. Doom ride really blew, to be particularly blunt. Overall, the park is worth every penny spent on getting inside (which is $51, though I got a WHOLE $2 off my admission).

Snorkeling in CocoCay rocked my socks. I got to swim around a shipwreck AND a planewreck. Saw lots of fishies, idly came around a curb of the reef and ran smack into a Barracuda which was interesting. They've got sharp teeth, and aren't the nicest of fish, but the Barracuda just took off swimming instead of biting me.

But the real story...

The true star of my trip...

THE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My god, they feed you on a Cruise.

Oh how they feed you.

I had 4 Filet Mignon for dinner one night.

My god.

I spent $180 for the cruise, and the cruise sports 5 star chefs.

Just between the Filet Mignon and Prime Rib that I consumed, from a 5 star quality restaurant, it would have cost more than $180.

Plus the desserts were to die for.

And, they had 5 star chefs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

My god....


Getting fed on a cruise is now my god. No question about it.
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