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Ok, for those of you whom don't know, there's this thing called Crushlink.


It's not what you think.


In reality, it is a torture device designed to cause me to, in the end, scrape my brains out with an ice cream scoop.

Nefarious, huh?


You see, you get this E-mail saying "you have a crush" and while I would like to say "what a bunch of tripe" and delete it.......I have this unfortunate insatiable curiosity... If curiosity killed the cat, then every cat within 15 miles of me should be dead.



I get this E-mail.

I even get these hints:

Crush #1

About the name:
first name contains 5 letters
last name contains 6 letters
1 letter in the first name are also in the last name

Your first name and your crush's first name have 0 letters in common

Your last name and your crush's last name have 5 letters in common

About the email address:
the username contains 8 or more characters
the domain is the same as your domain
4 letters in the username are also in the domain

The domain contains:
2 vowels
1 consonant
0 numbers
0 other characters

The username contains:
3 vowels
7 consonants
0 numbers
0 other characters


That has to be the most infuriatingly uninformative bunch of information I've ever gotten.

I mean, it's not that it's necessarily uninformative, just that it doesn't HELP ME AT ALL!!!

I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight while clawing at my eyeballs, wondering...

(And you know that it's a bunch of crap too, but.......I can't help it!!!)
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