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Submariners are crazed.

Crazed I tell you.

You get in a cylindrical tube.

You sit there for 60 days.

60 days with guys whom will have testosterone oozing out of their pours by the time 60 days is over.

And 60 days is being nice. As I recall, they actually do longer stints.

Anyways, that's not the point.

It's just beyond crazy, is all.


Or maybe it's my claustrophobia?

Hmmm.... Nothing like being stuffed in a tube, and getting the extra added bonus of 200 meters of water between you and open air.



This is the sort of thing that torturers back in the darkages had wet dreams over.


In other news, Bush obviously should not be responsible for overseeing the budget calculation of a FLAMING PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL!!! (Not literally flaming, mind you)

So what in the hell where those of you whom voted for Bush thinking?

... Anything?

... ... Something?

Please tell me you had a viable reason? I, of course, will not be holding my breath for one.

Bush, after all, has shown that he is incompetent. Completely.

I don't want to hear any crap about the 9-11 thing either. He can feel sorry for thousands of people dying. So? Fuck, I can do that! I do feel sorry that the people died. He can want revenge and ask Congress to let him have it. So? I can do that too. I can also read speeches written by somebody else.




FYI for the hordes of women whom adore me, I want to let it be known that I do not believe in Valentines day.

I don't like it.

I won't celebrate it.

Feel glad that I acknowledged it's existence.

(*Note: Some of you may have heard variants of this before, but there are some other things I felt like pointing out in here. If you would like to keep yourself informed, please read. If you would like to continue your contributions to the ignorance of general society, please do me the favor of splattering your brains across whichever room you happen to be currently occupying.)

Have I mentioned that Bush shouldn't touch a budget that he can't understand?

Lemme give you the skinny:

He is cutting taxes by some incredibly large number. This, of course, gets both the ignorant and math inept to cheer loudly.

He is cutting spending for Science (except military projects), and environmental protection.

Did I mention he was cutting the Science budget?... Let me extrapolate on that one a bit, as most people don't care enough about Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Physics, et al to actually care bout the Science budget being cut. At least, they won't care UNTIL they come to the full realization of that. Studies for curing Cancer? That's part of the Science budget. Gone. Studies for curing AIDS? Science budget. Gone. Alzheimers? Parkinsons? Gone. Not completely gone, mind you, as he'd take too much heat for it. It has, however, been MARKEDLY slashed.

And the Environment? ... Oh, wait. I forgot. People are far too stupid to care about that sort of thing.

People are ignorant, flat out.

The U.S. Government ignored genocide in Africa for YEARS, but then turned around and sent in troops to Kuwait.

You want to know why?

The fat and dirty U.S. Dollar is why.

The spin off to the Media was that we were going in there to protect lives. The truth of the matter is that we were going in there to, of course, protect our Oil supply line. And people being ignorant, of course, swallowed the whole humanitarian crap that they threw at us. Genocide. We ignored it for years. Humanitarian my ass. We fought the Gulf War beautifully, and very few people lost their lives on "our" side.

That's not the point though.

We expected, initially, about 10,000 casualties. So, you sent in your sons and daughters not to fight for other peoples lives. Not to fight the good cause you thought, but to fight for our Oil supply. But wait!!! There's more!!!

Most of you are happy about that! You look at your car and think to youself "well, we needed that oil".

Eh... no.

Actually, there are many viable designs for vehicles that do not use gasoline as their source of power. They pollute FAR less, as a matter of fact, and are cheap to fuel. They are, in fact, cheaper to own ultimately. But, of course, the car manufacturers buy the rights to these designs, and then hide them forever. They do this because the Oil tycoons pay the car manufacturers to do so. Nobody pays the car manufacturers to NOT hide these things. And, the Oil industry pays the politicians, and so the politicians send your sons to die so that the politicians can continue to be funded by the Oil industry, and therefore the politicians can continue to be in power and make alot of money.

And families smile, pat their car, and send their kid(s) to die because the politicians say so.

All so the politicians can continue to make loads of money from an industry we don't need, but can't get rid of, because the car industry makes more profit by keeping their gasoline combustion engines, due to the subsidation delivered by the Oil industry.



I've said this before.

I've said this probably 2 or 3 times before.

And people read it.

They read it and say to themselves "oh".

And then they go and gas up their car, so that somebody elses son or daughter can die, in accordance of perpetuating the cycle where politicians get to make far more money than you do, and the auto company gets to help destroy the environment to get subsidized with alot more money than they need.

And the funny thing, beyond that, is that you pay for it.

Processing oil into gasoline is cheap.

You pay to destroy the environment, and to send in many instances members of your own family to die.

And I'll be damned if people don't shit a brick in outrage if the price of gasoline goes up $.20 on the gallon, but take it with a smile on their faces as the government tells them that they need to send their children to die so that they can keep their cushy congressional offices, subsidized by us paying for gasoline for our obsolete combustion engines.




You folk get outraged by the most absurd fucking things, you know that?

Go choke on your $.20 to the gallon, you'll be doing me a favor.
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