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Bad God, No Biscuit (Clarification)

Just so we are all clear on this... And this is more for the people sending mail to me personally as opposed to responding in my Live Journal. First off, you cannot go out and buy the CD with this song on it to burn as I wrote the song and have not yet put out any CDs. Secondly, for those of you that have figured that out, and are writing me loads of utter tripe filled e-mails about me going to hell I'll be sure to spit in your face when we meet there.

For those of you who have been a bit more understanding, and simply have wanted to discuss Theology. You, while naive, are at least not religious zealots.

And yes, there is no god. And yes, organized religion blows. In point of fact, organized religion is far and away the thing I hate the most. God doesn't exist. I have no reason to hate him. What I do hate, are the people who follow him.

You may feel that I am unfairly against organized religion. Well, if you do, you're entitled to that opinion. Keep one thing in mind though.

Organized religion has killed more people in recorded history than any single other thing. Wars for Religious beliefs far outnumber wars waged for pure conquest.

Think of all the atrocities that occur. White Supremacists? Founded through religion. WWII concentration camps? Religious. The Crusades? Religious. The Spanish Inquisition? Religious. The nearly CONSTANT various attempts at genocide in Africa. Religious. Religion is the cause of more atrocities than you care to dream of. Religious righteousness is the root of all evil.

And all of you loving, understanding Christian people with your gobs of mail about how you want to fuck me up, prove me right.
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