Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

Can you tell that I


fucking hate the Oil Industry?


And might I re-iterate that Bush cut funding for researching the cures to all manner of dangerous disease?

Hmm, yes.

Great choice, voters.

Great choice.


He has, however, opened up drilling for OIL in Alaska.


Of course, he also gets alot of his campaign fund contributions from Oil industry.


I'm sure he'll get a large one from the folks whom do the drilling.

But, hey! Gasoline powered cars are more expensive for you! Yay!!!

You send family members to die so that you can pay more for your gas powered cars! Yay!!!

You continue to screw up the environment so that unlike you, your great-great-great grandchildren won't know what the fuck a tree is. Yay!!!

And things like that $3,500 custom made leather chair which was tailored perfectly to fit your congressman's ass? Yeah, Paid for by you. Yay!!!

Partially, of course, from the tax you pay on the gasoline you don't really need. Yay!!!

And the congressman's ass is in that chair due to campaign contributions from those people whom you unnecessarily purchase gasoline from, so that you can destroy the environment, so that you can send people to die. Yay!!!

*knock, knock, knock*

Is this sinking in yet?

Is anybody even listening?

Or if you ignore it long enough, will it suddenly not matter?
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