Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

1) In Frederick, Maryland, a 26-year-old woman shot her boyfriend to death during an argument over which one of them was better looking.
True - Ooops! Not quite true! In fact the woman did shoot her boyfriend to death during an argument -- but the argument wasn't over who was better looking. It was over which one of them loved the other more, so the answer is False.

2) After a Saudi woman donated an eye to restore her husband's sight, he left her for another woman, claiming he couldn't stand the sight of his one-eyed wife.
True - You're right! Strange, but true! Gives new meaning to the idea of "love at first sight," doesn't it?

3) An Austrian Roman Catholic priest astonished parishioners during Sunday services, announcing he was quitting the priesthood because he was through with celibacy. "It's no good," he announced from the pulpit. "I can't go on."
True - You're right! Strange, but true! So much for separating church from sex!

4) Japanese researchers announced the invention of a singing condom containing a microchip that chimes the Beatles' "Love Me Do" at the vital moment.
True - You're right! Strange, but true! Now that's safe sex worth singing about!

5) According to researchers at a Dutch potato processing company, potatoes may be used for breast implants.
True - Sorry, it's strange, but it's true! They actually received a government grant to see if potato starch can replace silicon in implants!

6) Eleven percent of Americans would rather iron their clothes in the morning than have sex.
True - Right! Strange, but true, according to a poll reported in Men's Health magazine.

7) Vigorous sex can damage your hearing.
True - Nope, there are no studies the prove vigorous sex can damage your hearing, but it can cause blurry vision, according to Johns Hopkins University researchers. Does this mean love truly is blind?

8) In a men's magazine survey, 25% of respondents would rather receive a new Land Rover than go on a date with Cindy Crawford.
True - Not quite! Actually, according to a Men's Journal magazine survey, a whopping 86% of respondents, not 25%, would rather receive a new Land Rover than go on a date with Cindy Crawford, so it be False

9) A 27-year-old Sri Lankan shopkeeper wrote more than 700 letters proposing marriage to his girlfriend. She turned him down and married the mail carrier.
True - Yes! Strange, but true! And to think of the nasty case of writer's cramp the lad must have acquired after that love letter writing campaign! This is certainly ironic.

10) Women get a surge of the male hormone testosterone after they drink alcohol.
True - Yes! The increase may help explain why drinking can arouse women sexually.
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