Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

VivoSomnio: And I'ma cook me some Cheese-a-roni and Cheese.
???: word!
VivoSomnio: *nods*
???: cheese is the bestest.
VivoSomnio: I usually add 3 slices of American Cheese to finish the cheesiness of the Cheese-a-roni and Cheese.
VivoSomnio: It comes out good!
???: lots and lots of cheeeese!
???: i like chedder, oh yes.
VivoSomnio: =)
VivoSomnio: I love Gouda too!
VivoSomnio: But all this talk is making me SUPER hungry!
???: :)
VivoSomnio: I must cheesify myself!
VivoSomnio: I'll return in a bit.
???: go go!
???: before its too late!
VivoSomnio: It's never too late for cheese!!!!!

These are, in all truth, the wisest words I have -EVER- spoken.

It's never too late for cheese!!!!!

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