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I often find myself wanting to be a teacher.

I may just be naive enough, and believe that I can change things, and go ahead and do it.

Hmmmm. Scary thought huh?

On the teaching note, I was explaining how imaginary time and real time worked together in Stephen Hawkings "A Brief History of Time" tonight. I always enjoy doing that sort of thing. The constructs of time in a finite space, yet without boundary. In essence, infinity in a finite space.

Perhaps, just perhaps,when I am feeling less tired and more audacious I'll explain to all who bother to read this thing just what I'm talking about. Or you can read the book, though it IS a fairly complicated read. Hawkings doesn't exactly speak to the masses. He is, however, a nice fellow. I've talked to him. Twice actually.

Fun, fun.

I haven't really been inspired to write anything interesting lately.

Or rather, I haven't been near my computer at such times lately.

But, I can feel it building.

Creation is often fast, furious, spontaneous, and a total cluster fuck.

I love it so.
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