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Part III (Better late than pregnant...)


You see, it's simple really.

You can see the world one way, or you can see the world the other way.

It's as simple as knowing how you want to feel, and feeling that way. The only thing that can keep you from experiencing life the way you want it is yourself, your perspectives, your truths.

You have the pure pessimist in one post, the pure optimist in the other, and the "realist" is a mishmash of both.

You can't let others dictate to you how you're going to feel, as they will pull you down more often than lift you up.

But you also can't continually let your perspectives define your feelings without bothering to stop and assess your perspectives.

I stress this all the time.

I can't stress it enough.

You define how you feel, not anybody else.

So, make the choice.

Is something good? Is something bad?

Make the choice.

Are you focusing on the positives around you, or are you wallowing in the negatives?

This is not a question of ingoring that which needs to be addressed, simply because it's too depressing to ignore. This is a question of how you are going to handle yourself.
Are you going to ignore the bad and be happy, and accomplish nothing that needs to be done in life because you fear that if you acknowledge what needs to be done it wil drag you down?

Are you going to wallow in the bad and be miserable, and accomplish nothing that needs to be done in life because you have lost all ambition to do so, thinking that in the end it doesn't matter because "life sucks and then you die"?

Who are you going to be?

More importantly, when you see so much that needs fixing in life, what are you going to do?

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