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Tonight, out of sheer boredom, I continue the quest for *dun, dun, dun* SPARKLY PORN!!!

Yeah, you heard me right.

PQ found a promising sight for me but.....I dunno. I mean, Ravers tend to leave a BAD taste in my mouth. I mean, just the word quite frankly...

My work schedule and the such has pretty much blown for me lately. I've been so tired I'll get home and sit down for a moment, and be lucky if a bare flicker of a thought floats across the void *note to all who would insert a sarcastic remark here.... I am rubber, you are glue...*

This is the first time in a VERY long time. Like, since I was maybe 9 or so, that I've sat down and thought to myself "Ok self, we're going to write something", and then nothing's come.



I think I'm going to sand the walls in my room, and paint them black. Speaking of black, I've been avoiding writing a lot of how I've felt lately to avoid incurring any Goth points. Silly Goths. Hehehe.

You know what my biggest gripe right now is? I want to run away. Problem of course being that there is nowhere on this planet interesting enough to run to for any length of time. Every nerve in my body is tensed and ready to flee from the society driven drivel of a life looming before me. I've nowhere to run, and I'm starting to think that my nerves are going to tire of this and explode out of my body in a fantastic display of blood and gore. All of my nerves whipping through me at such speed as to be thousands of miles worth of razor sharp wire turning me into a puddle of something vaguely similar to a chewed up peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I am not a Jedi. I crave adventure and excitement damn it!

I truly swear that I can feel them
Winding tighter and tighter in me
Anticipating with morbid glee
Waiting for the spring to break
For them to be set free.

I actually didn't intend to write it that way. I just put it into a sentence and then noticed that it would easily work that way too. And did. Because I am a bastard like that. Same reason I don't write others quotes in my Live Journal. I quote myself.

How pretentious is that?

I think I shall go break something now.

"Before peace can fall, there must first be destruction".- Me. Yeah, like I said, I'm a bastard. It struck me after the break something comment.

Though, in all probability, it's been said countless times before. Fuck it. I've got a Katana, six throwing knives, and a cardboard box.

Time to produce confetti.
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