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In yet more unimportant news, people still insist that I'm flirtatious as all hell, and I still heartily deny such accusations.

. . .

By the way, if you're gorgeous and single, please respond with your phone number.

I've decided that the "Peach Ring" candies are, quite possibly, my own pesonal saviors. Theres little babies are INCREDIBLE.

But, that aside, one has to wonder something: How does "Old Spice" stay in business? I mean, really, it makes you smell like this weird sort of old man crossed with a lifetime circus member... Like you're an old grizzledElephant trainer, or something.

Not that I'd know, or anything.

So, question of the week, have you actually stood up for anything you believe in this week? Or are we still saving that for "some other time" because it's easier that way?

*nods* Thought so.

Anyhow I've decided that there needs to be more interesting going-on's in Seattle and the surrounding area. Except of course that I have the one little drawback of not caring at all about "parties". The whole getting shitfaced thing, not my bag. Can't stand drugs, either.

You would be absolutely amazed at how severely this cuts down the dating pool. Couple those dislikes with believing that a belief in God is wasteful and pathetic, and I can enjoy myself with approximately 1:1,000,000,000 or so of the population.

Yay me, and shit.

And by the way, no that certainly wasn't me flirting, I'm -MUCH- smoother than that! ;-)

Anyhow, though, I've been having a rather fabtabulous week, and I've no idea why, but so what? I'll close my eyes, and you can meet me on the other side.
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