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Response to Nofeeblechrist and Meowlet.

First off, it's Vivo Somnio, though vivosomnio as far as Live Journal is concerned. It is not vivosomnia. That, in latin, translates COMPLETELY different.

Now, on with my pants.

There are two categories of females in my life: Those whom repulse me to the point that I can’t sleep with them, and those whom . Beyond that, PHYSICAL beauty becomes pointless. On the other hand, there are many who are willing to sleep with that which I would not, including such things as horses, so maybe it's just that I'm easily repulsed. At any rate, once you clear that bar I no longer care how large or small your hips, breasts, eyes, lips, ass, whatever the hell other body parts you may have, are. They no longer mean anything.

If I find a girl whom is incredibly attractive AND has good personality, then all the better. But it's really not a priority in my life, nor do I honestly care all that much.

This was something pointed at a particular person whom didn't see my first post on this. In my first post, I believe I made it quite clear (maybe I didn’t) that all of the people on this planet who sit there and try to look good just like everybody else pretty much end up blending into the crowd. They try to look good, and end up being bland, no matter what.

All these people who spend all this time trying to look like "this" or "that" in order to be attractive. All a wasted effort if you're not interesting.

Picture in your mind the most attractive female/male/unicorn that you care to imagine, and then give her/him/it relatively no personality. I find no attraction in that, no matter how sexy she/he/it may be.

If you read my post, the original, you'd see that I was more or less attacking the attractive "norm" so to speak. Go out and look around and tell me what you see. There is so much potential for REAL beauty out there, wasted away and gone unnoticed because everybody wants to be beautiful in the SAME FUCKING WAY.

Give me somebody who acts interesting, doesn't dress like every other person on the planet, and who doesn't repulse me sexually and I'm a happy man.

There are always times and reasons to dress well, look good, what have you.

When it's one of your top five priorities in life though, in my humbly esteemed opinion (I'm such a bastard), you're fucked in the head.

There are far more important things in life to do. Like have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun, and have fun. Note to self: Waxing legs is NOT fun.

Like I said, the point to his whole thing was the ridiculous, nay flat out FUCKING ludicrous lengths that some people go to so that they can look “uniformly beautiful”. Uniformly beautiful put in quotations of course because when you look like nearly everybody else, you’re no longer beautiful.

You’re typical.

And that's pathetic.
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