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So, today I'm rollin' with my homies on the 234 (that's a bus route of course, which will mean nothing to anybody except locals here that have ridden it. Consequently, this whole part of my post will mean nothing to you either), when I notice something unusual....

Like, we're going down I-405.

One, knowing me, would first surmise I got on the wrong bus, but nay nay I say. This was, indeed, the 234.

Cruising down I-405.

And the route wasn't changed, either. Which just makes me have to wonder, are you a dodecahedron, or a octagon baby, 'cause you be lookin' FINE!

In other news, I find that I am getting absolutely -NO- satisfaction with "I told you so" in regards to our current situation in the Middle East.

I believe you are all familiar, or should be, with the oil rant by now. You know...where you pay taxes on gas, so that your government can help suppress alternate modes of transportation, so that you are sure to spend that money on gas, so that the oil barons can fund their political positions, so that they all grow fat and bloated on your money. And then, they send your children to do what? Go get them some more oil, which they just passed a little thing stating basically "if the US takes Iraqi oil, tough shit for the Iraqi's". So, you send your children to potentially die, so that you can use an outdated mode of transportation in order to keep the people sending your children to potentially die in power. It's fantastic!

It's we're liberating Iraq. You know, by doing things like telling them we want them to have a voice in their nation, to be a democracy. And then we appoint their council of "leaders", and then tell them that they will be the interim government. And then, later, we tell them they won't be. Last I checked, when you invade a country and disallow them from being the governing body, it's an occupation. Not a liberation.

What does Bush call raping a 10 year old girl, liberating her virginity?

"Listen bitch, this is for your own good, you must be liberated! Now stop crying and squirming, I don't care what you want, we're doing this -MY- way!"

Tantric sex is my new favorite past-time.


Ladies, I'm talking to YOU!


and speaking of which...

If you have not visited Penny Arcade, you should do so. This duo is quite the amusing pair, and I feel you should read into them.

I've always been a problem solver, more than a visionary. I look at things occurring now, or about to occur in the near future, and I look at ways to prevent, circumvent, what have you. I can't begin to discern what decisions to make today, to prepare for what -will- occur 20 years from now. I have great respect, however, for those whom have had that forsight.

So, with that said, give me some problems to mull around in my head, as I quite enjoy thinking about them! And I already -know- what all of my concerns in the world are. What are yours? What do you feel is important, and needs to be addressed?

I like hearing what other people have to say/think, and responding to it, so I think perahps it's time I actually start reading other people's livejournals again. Though that is always certainly a difficult task, with so much to read & respond to, but it is also a very fulfilling task. It's typically something that promotes growth & engenders the idea of working with others, when people aren't being bastards about things of course...

I don't know. So much to do, so little time. I'll never have the time to learn all the things I want to know, and that depresses me. I am, however, starting to get some pretty awesome house idea's kicking around in my head. So now, of course, all I need is to pick up a house.

I always found it ironic that, in school, you couldn't say shit. Shit, an adjective to describe fecal excrement. It's like deciding that snot is a bad word for being an adjective that describes excrement from the mucus membrane...But I digress.

You can't say shit in school...

...but hate is perfectly acceptable.


What is shit compared to hate? Did shit lead to the crusades, inquisition or holocaust? I don't think shit was attributed to the Greensborough massacre, "Bloody Sunday", or Tiananmen Square. Tribal bickering & killing, I doubt, was due to their distaste for each other's shit, nor do I believe that slaverly followed by years of social repression due to race in the United States was directly correlated to this accursed excrement. The list, of course, could go on for days.

Yeah, shit is awful.

Hate, on the other hand.... well, hate is just fine.


Think about it.
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