Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

What the fuck???

Why is it that every time I see a midget, I immediately want to fight crime and have them be my sidekick?



What the fuck is up with that?

In other news, everybody I know is just getting all messed up.

Meghann had a piece of drill bit fly off of a drill press and hit her in the eye, she's had surgery a few times now, but prospects are not good for that eye & Heidi had a weird ass tumor taken out of her body. All of this in the span of a week or so!

I talked to my mother today and she feels that people should be allowed to have any opinion they want, and I shouldn't be angry with them if they don't bother to educate themselves in order to gain said opinion. You know, that they should just be able to arbitrarily point to some idea and say "yep, that's the one for me!"

I may have torn into her a little bit for that. I just find it unacceptable that when something applies directly to you in this world, that you completely ignore it and just hope that whomever else handles it appropriately. Which, really, is what everybody in our country does. They don't look at the situation, they turn a blind eye to it and hope that we're doing what is right. They swallow whatever is thrown at them because it makes them feel righteous about what is going on. It's really sad, to be honest.

Part of me wants to make cleavage illegal, part of me says fool! Vhat ze hell are you zinking?

But seriously, the shit that stuff can pull on a man...... that's just not right.....

. . .

Stupid body.......stop betraying me like that.....

An average person can become so infinitely beautiful with just a bit of aesthetic touch. T-shirts, shorts, dresses, et cetera are bland. They just make you look as bland as the next person. The stifle, rather than express, your personality! Where in the hell are all the beautiful gothic-punk chics around here?!?

Doesn't -anybody- have good taste?

Or is it that a pair of plain old blue jeans and some tight fitting but ultimately bland shirt of whichever overpriced designer label you purchased it from actually that exciting, and it's really just me that's the freak?

. . .

Not that I've much room to talk... I've not the shape at all to pull off an even remotely entertaining style, for the most part. Not to mention work dissapproves. Though, from time to time when given the chance, I at least try to put SOME freakin' personality into my clothes!!!

You know....the only things that I -really- have in common with other people are a.) humor, and b.) instinct.

I share the same humor as a good amount of people, and I'm very much on an instinctual plane with alot of people in terms of how we all enjoy the feeling of running, climbing, jumping, et cetera.

But, beyond that....nothing really. I dig computers, but I'm not nerd enough to talk computers alot. I dig music, but for me it's an emotional response, and that's just fucking hard to share with somebody.

It's just that complete lack of emotional connection with other people that makes me depressed, because of course it makes me feel alone. You know, phantomesque. Not in that you can do fucking cool things like walk through walls and cause general havoc, but that you can almost interact with people, but not quite. You just can't make a connection, even if you're reaching.

Plus, I'm just completely socially inept. I think emotional connection, and I look for a fucking cord & plug, but I can't find one. Who the hell designed humans like this anyways? Certainly wasn't an engineer. I mean, seriously, some of this shit is unforgivable.

Especially orgasms. That shit should be by choice. You want to have an orgasm, you just freakin' have one. That way you can go at it as long or as short as you like without any trouble!


Or something...
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